Julia Strophes


A hot sexy babe


Julia wears brightly coloured garments with long trails
that swirl about her feet as she moves. Her bright red hair
is cut short about her neck. A cheerful and headstrong
woman, Julia disdains the normal activities that most
young noblewomen of Hive Sibellus regularly fill their
time with, a trait she blames on her beloved hard-headed
father. Julia sees the presence of the Acolytes as an exciting
adventure, far better than the banal existence she usually
endures. Julia is an exception in some ways to the typical
Sibellus noble outlook as she is worried about her cousin
and does care about people in a vague sort of way. Note,
however, that the lives of middle-hivers are less important
in her eyes then her fellow nobles, to say nothing of
underhivers, who may as well be made of disposable
plastic. The Acolytes, as members of the Inquisition,
she regards as equal to her own class and treats
them accordingly.

Julia Strophes

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