Rejoice For You Are True

The Story So Far
Day 1 ;)

The acolytes landed on the capital of the Calixis Sector, Scintilla, to investigate a religious organization known as the Joyous Choir. They were introduced to a couple members of the House Strophes. They were then told that they would be required to disguise themselves as nobles or members of a nobles’ court. They then met up with a young ne’er do well named Vorlin Orday. Orday claimed he had a briefcase that would assist the acolytes with their quest. The acolytes agreed to pick it up the next day.

The acolytes were then lead to a small party hosted by several influential members of the Choir, where they were able to mingle and rub elbows with some Scintillan nobles. Tex, in particular, put on quite the show! They were able to impress Lady Tanae Borella, one of the higher ups, and were invited to a special event hosted by the mysterious ALABASTER COURT!!!!!!!!!!

After leaving the party, the acolytes went to get the briefcase from the bounty hunter, Orday. Upon sighting the acolytes, Orday was suddenly assassinated, and a mysterious figure jumped down and snatched the briefcase! After an exhilarating fight scene, the assassin was wounded and was forced to strap a bomb to the briefcase before retreating. Tex, in his infinite wisdom, was unable to defuse the bomb, and it exploded in his face. He also couldn’t salvage the damaged remains of the briefcase, and its contents will be forever unknown.

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